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RED-Alert in The European Commission’s workshop, Brussels 2019
RED-Alert is a European Union (EU) funded research and innovation project as part of the Horizon 2020 programme to develop new online content monitoring and analysis tools to combat terrorism.

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A new workshop on radicalisation was organised on 10th of January 2019 in Brussels, Belgium by the European Commission – the Migration and Home Affairs Office. The workshop entitled: WORKSHOP ON RADICALISATION: EU-FUNDED PROJECTS TACKLING IDEOLOGY AND POLARISATION, a follow-up of a similar event organised in 2017, brought together representatives of the following projects, all dealing with radicalisation: PERICLES, PRACTICIES, MINDb4ACT, TRIVALENT, PROPHETS, DANTE, TENSOR, RaP, BRIDGE, YoungRes, ARMOuR, CHAMPIONs, DARE, GREASE, and RED-Alert. 

RED-Alert project was represented by Dr. Berta Biescas, Insikt’s lead data scientist and Mr. Uri Ben Yaakov on behalf of the Institute of Counter-terrorism from Israel.

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The main topics that were covered during the workshop were related to the principal issues of radicalisation around the globe and the strategic orientations on a coordinated EU approach to prevention of radicalisation for 2019. Also, each project presented its research and results until that time, including the RED-Alert project. 

Additionally,  a very crucial part of the workshop focused on the synergy between the projects, exchanging experience and dissemination.

The need to share existing knowledge more broadly, also with non-EU partners, has been highlighted. Concrete ways of increasing the transparency and accessibility of relevant knowledge could be obtained through webpages at Commission level, dedicated newsletters and the creation of a collaborative space of the Commission for Member States to share such information. These tools could also be used increase the transparency of the available EU funding streams for projects in the field of CVE and prevention.

Increased knowledge sharing should however also include analysis based on existing research as well as targeted additional research on specific matters, for instance through existing research networks. To this end, the Commission the need of further exploring to what extent the European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues (EENeT) could be a partner in this endeavour.


In the light of the subjects discussed during the workshop, it was proposed to establish a number of Action Plans, reflecting the specific focus and interaction of the main stakeholders towards common objectives in 2019. These initiatives will also be complemented by the recommendations made by HLCEG-R. 

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For more information on this project please contact us at or click the button below.

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