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European Security Secretary is enthusiastic about our threat intelligence platform; INVISO
Julian King, EC-security Secretary, was pleased with our results.
Security and Counter Terror Event with Julian King

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Julian King celebrates our European counter terrorism research results at Security and Counter Terror Expo (SCTX)

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The UK’s leading national counter terrorism event for private and public-sector security professionalsSCTX, was celebrated in London 6-7 March 2018. With a comprehensive programme designed to keep attendees one step ahead of those intent on carrying out terrorist attacks, SCTX gathered security professionals from all over the world.

INSIKT Intelligence had the pleasure to exhibit at SCTX by an invitation from the European Commission, who believed in and has funded our technology for terror and online radicalisation fighting. Throughout the event we were showcasing  our latest technology; the INVISO Intelligence Platform.

During the day, we were honoured to receive the visit of Mr. Julian King, EC Security Commissioner at our stand, who expressed his happiness to see the good results of our project. Mr. King is pictured to the right with INSIKT team member, Nagham Salman.

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