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Automate counter terror investigations with our threat intelligence platform
The INVISO Intelligence Platform is a tool to detect online radicalisation and terrorism-related content on social media platforms. Find out more.
Web Intelligence on Cyber Criminals

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The INVISO Intelligence Platform is a tool to detect online radicalisation and terrorism related content on social media platforms, powered by our patent-pending INVISO semantic technology. This powerful platform enables Law Enforcement Agencies to gather insights in real-time about terror actors in the online community, what they talk about, who they influence, online propaganda and the level of threat within the social media domain.

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Terrorist and extremist groups use the Internet for a variety of reasons with the intention to fundraise, recruit, share information, showcase propaganda and hate speech, network and manipulate data. Most of these services are carried out online using several platforms, thus online content monitoring, its analysis and investigative software is a critical part of nearly all national security investigations. In recent studies, it’s also been identified that the ever-growing fascination of jihadi content online and “jihadization” on social media is playing an increasingly active role in targeting vulnerable people living in Europe.

This fascination and constant growth is helping to speed up the online radicalisation process. What once took months or even years is now taking just a few months with some social media radicalisation stories reporting a matter of weeks! This is down to the power of social media outlets and their ability to offer the terrorist community a platform to influence, communicate, collaborate and convince through specially designed content.

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The INVISO Intelligence Platform uses the latest technologies in order to gain a deep understanding of online jihadist terrorists’ activity both locally and globally. It offers a unique solution to Law Enforcement Agencies to help them remain on top of terrorism-related content as well as enabling them to keep their fingers on the pulse regarding social media radicalisation and online crime. INSIKT Intelligence are experts in social media mining and advanced text analytics on all digital sources, with over a decade of experience in research and development. We offer a range of ways to help you accelerate your intelligence work and advance terror investigations. For more information, get in touch with the team today via



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